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Recovery of the Old City of Salima, Lebanon

Having been one of the last villages in Mount Lebanon to await the return of its population at the end of the civil war, Salima was spared the massive and anarchic reconstruction process that threatened the cultural heritage of other villages in the region. In order to avoid this situation, PSF set up a project based on architectural creation in order to allow residents to imagine their public spaces otherwise.

The project

How to develop a common vision of the country after a civil war? Through the actions in Salima, PSF wanted to help the local population find answers to this question by taking into account the role of cultural heritage in the further development of the town.



Salima, Lebanon. 2001-203 Local population of Salima and young students in architecture

Goals Achieved

• Accompany the process of reconstruction of the town;
• encourage the population to occupy public spaces while respecting local cultural heritage. 

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