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Supporting the Music Schools in Haiti

Present in all aspects of day-to-day life, Haitian musical heritage was severely affected by the earthquake that shook the island in 2010. This is why PSF decided to engage in a long program that sought to support music schools in Haiti.

  • La musique, clé de voûte de la culture haïtienne

    © École de musique Jacmel-Dessaix
  • Sans lutherie, il n'y a plus de musique !

    Patrimoine sans frontières a pris le pari, pour sauvegarder les cultures musicales haïtiennes, d'aider à la consolidation du secteur de la lutherie, inhérente à la pratique musicale. © École de musique Jacmel-Dessaix
  • Les cours de musique

    L'éducation musicale à la source de la transmission et de la valorisation de la culture haïtienne. © École de musique Jacmel-Dessaix

The project

In order to evaluate the state of degradation of the different elements of Haitian cultural heritage after the earthquake, PSF organized an exploratory mission in Haiti. The results of this mission allowed us to establish a prioritization of our actions in the country. That is why, being aware of the important role played by music in the construction of social bonds, we decided to concentrate our efforts on supporting the work of music schools. The actions carried out were meant to help enhance social bonds by helping sustain a cultural heritage that plays an essential role in society.




Publication related
Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haïtien, Gonaïves, Les Cayes, Saint-Marc and Jacmel, Haiti 2011-2013 Students (7 to 25-year olds) and teachers of eight music schools

Field mission report (in French)


Goals Achieved

• Organize an instrument drive in order to help improve the teaching conditions of music schools;
• Support the development of the ANADEMH (association that used to be a federation of music schools located in remote territories).

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