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Restoration and Promotion of the Marubi Photographic Fund, Albania

The incredible photographic fund of the Marubi family tells the story of almost one century of Albanian History. At the beginning of the 1990s the fund was in a very bad state of conservation, and that is why PSF decided to carry out different actions that allowed the fund to be restored and promoted throughout different cities in Europe.

  • La mosquée des Plombs à Shkodra

    Photographie de Kel Marubi, prise entre 1900 et 1919. © PSF
  • Construction de la cathédrale de Shkodra

    Photographie de Pjetër Marubi, prise en 1898. © PSF
  • Habits traditionnels de la région de Shkodra

    Photographie de Kel Marubi, prise entre 1900 et 1919. © PSF
  • Qamile Sadri Keqi avec sa famille

    Photographie de Kel Marubi, prise entre 1900 et 1919. © PSF
  • Shkodër, Albanie

The project

The Marubi fund is the product of the work of three generations of photographers. In 1970, Gegë Marubi decides to donate his family’s remarkable photographic heritage to the Albanian nation, but the fund remained in a very poor state of conservation until the early 1990s. Since then, PSF started to carry out activities that helped promote the importance of the fund and the history it portrayed throughout different European cities, while making sure that it was restored in adequate conditions.




Publication related
Shkodra, Albania 1994-1999 Inhabitants of Shkodra and of the other cities where the exhibition took place
(Bari and Torino in Italy, Lyon and Paris in France, Tirana in Albania and Valencia in Spain).


Goals Achieved

• Restore the Marubi photographic fund;
• carry out actions to help promote the fund and open its access to everyone.

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