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Recovery and Appropriation of a Traditional Architectural Technique of the Musgum, Cameroon

The traditional housing of the Musgum people, the “case obus”, was doomed to disappear with the last inhabitants that carried the necessary expertise to insure its construction. In order to recover this element essential to the peoples’ identity, PSF worked hand in hand with the local community for many years carrying out activities that allowed the preservation of a unique cultural heritage.

  • Habitants de Mourla, Cameroun

    © PSF
  • Rénovation d'une case obus

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  • Festival Musgum

    Tous les ans depuis l'an 2000, le festival de la culture Musgum est organisé à Mourla © PSF
  • Construction d'une case obus

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  • Case obus peinte

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The project

In order to participate in the preservation of the “case obus”, a unique architectural heritage in danger, PSF joined the efforts of the Association Culturelle Musgum and the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, in order to develop a program that lasted several years. This program allowed us to promote the transmission of a traditional architectural technique among different generations, helping initiate a process of cultural appropriation. Parallel to our actions on the field, we developed a research program that helped us raise awareness on the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of the Musgum people.




Publication related

Exhibition related
Mourla, Cameroon 1996-2009 Local population of Mourla

La Case Obus (The Shell Hut)

L’exposition itinérante "Les cases musgums" (in French)


Goals Achieved

• Preserve an ancestral architectural technique of the Musgum people;
• allow young students in architecture to obtain a first field experience by participating in field-schools;
• contribute with the promotion of the “case obus” in order to prevent it from disappearing.

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