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Our activities focus on four areas: strengthening social bonds, rehabilitation and appropriation of cultural heritage, recovery of cultural heritage, and finally, intercultural exchanges. The impact of each action is different, but our experience has shown us that the appropriation of cultural heritage (individual and universal) leads to the reconstruction of cultural identities and helps reduce tensions among social groups and engages them in a process of development.

Strengthening social bonds

In our vision of a shared cultural heritage, tensions between groups can be soothed and social bonds can be reinforced by emphasizing the role of culture in society. 

Rehabilitation and promotion

We also envision cultural heritage in its dynamic process: conservation does not imply freezing time. On the contrary, heritage is perpetually reinterpreted and our actions must recognize and accompany these processes.

Recovery and appropriation

Cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, cannot be understood without considering its surroundings as it is the element that brings the past, present and future of a community together. The intrinsic relationship bonding a population to its cultural identity is therefore essential to its social development.

Intercultural exchange

Heritage, tangible and intangible, spectacular and ordinary, is the essence of all the cultural expressions of a population. Cultural heritage is thus the primary source of perception between populations. Raising awareness on the value of the different cultural heritages through dialogue is the first means to bring people and communities together. Intercultural relations offer the possibility to broaden everyone’s horizon by discovering different interpretations of the world. This is all the more crucial in nowadays interconnected societies.

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