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December 2017 - March 2018

News from our projects!

- The documentary of ”les bandes à pieds” in Haiti
- Sharing our heritage in Europe
- Memorial stakes in Albania

News from PSF!

- Participation in the Vade-mecum Heritage and decentralised cooperation meeting
- The participation of Patrimoine sans frontières  in the preparation of the next NGO UNESCO forum on migrant

Focus on

- Sámi culture and its legal recognition

The documentary of ”les bandes à pieds” in Haiti

The documentary film "Les bandes à pieds en Haiti” (literal English translation: the walking bands in Haiti), directed by Arnold Antonin and Yves Billon, based on the Haitian Carnival, was broadcast on Haitian television channels Tele Kiskeya and Tele Metropole on January 18 and on February 10-11, 13, 2018.

The film was also screened in partnership with the organization Haiti, memory and culture the evening of Mardi Gras in Paris. More than fifty people were present. The screening of the documentary was followed by a debate in the presence of Yves Billon, the producer and director.

This debate was an opportunity to revisit the terms of creation and production of the film and to discuss in more detail on the cultural and social practices that exist thanks to the musical movement of “les bandes à pied”.

Did you miss the documentary when it aired on TV or to participate at the film screening event?

Good news, the documentary is now available on DVD!

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Sharing our heritage in Europe

PSF had answered, with some of its partners, to the call for projects "Intercultural Dialogue and Culture" from the program EuropeAid. The goal was among others, to develop a Balkan version of Sharing our heritage. Unfortunately, in spite of its pre-selection and excellent evaluation, the bodies responsible for this European program did not retain the project submitted by the consortium.
Still wishing to participate in the promotion of humanist objectives of of such a project, PSF and three of its partners, the Foundation Mondinsieme (Reggio Emilia, Italie), the local democracy agencies in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and in Knjaževac (Serbia), just submitted a project to the Council of Europe, in the framework of the call for projects "Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation".
The project submitted, relying on Sharing our heritage previous experiences, proposes to act in favour of the social inclusiveness of minorities in the different territories.

Memorial stakes in Albania
In the framework of the subprogram European memory of "Europe for Citizens, a project about the memorial stakes of the communist past in Albania was submitted. PSF participates in this call for projects with three Albanian partners: the Argiro association, the centre of comparative and international studies and the centre for the Mediterranean sea.

This projects aims at acknowledging the importance of areas for dialogue about the Communist past in Albania. The main hoped results would be sensitizing young generations (from pupils to young researchers) on their country's history and favouring exchanges between the academic world and civil society to improve the state of knowledge on this period.
We would very much like winning this call for projects.

Participation in the Vade-mecum Heritage and decentralised cooperation meeting

On February 14, 2018, Romain Bijeard, an Associate Expert at PSF, participated in the meeting organized by Sites & Cités remarquables de France. This was an opportunity for the organizations and the local authorities to present their heritage projects that each of them carries internationally. The aim is to publish a new Vade-mecum Heritage and decentralised cooperation.

Photo : Sites & Cités remarquables de France
The participation of Patrimoine sans frontières in the preparation of the next NGO UNESCO forum on migrant

As an official NGO partner of UNESCO, Patrimoine sans frontières has been invited to take part in the organization of the various NGO-UNESCO forums. Romain Bijeard and Stéphanie Moutaque-Osséni represented Patrimoine sans frontières at the preliminary meeting (that took place on February 15) for the next forum whose theme will focus on migrants.
Three groups will work on the following themes: the countries of origin of the migrants, the countries of transit and the expected final destination. PSF will join the "Expected final destination" working group and will be able to contribute its expertise on one of the topics to be discussed at the forum, namely "Art and culture for inclusion: creativity, dialogue and the sharing of cultures, joint cultural activities, respect for cultural diversity for social cohesion ". The next working group meeting is scheduled for mid-March. The Forum will take place during the second half of 2018 in Greece.
Photo : Liaison Ngo-Unesco


Sámi culture and its legal recognition

Lapland, high European North and popular winter destination for tourists, is home to the largest native people of Europe and the only indigenous people of the European Union, Sámi. There are between 80,000 and 100,000 of them and their territory, called Sapmi, spreads across four countries which are Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Though anthropologists develop several opposing theories on their origin, there is no doubt that they have been in Lapland for thousand years. The first document confirming their presence dates back to the 1st century AD with Tacite’s writings. United by the same history and culture across the borders, they have adopted a common national day, flag and anthem. However, they are also known for their diversity as there are 3 main Sami languages and some 30 traditional regional outfits.

This “Focus on Sámi culture” will first look at its legal recognition. Next ones “Focus on” will be about Sami’s cultural practices.
Photo : Denis Caviglia, 2009
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