Patrimoine sans frontières

Patrimoine sans frontières (Cultural Heritage without Borders)

Patrimoine sans frontières (Cultural Heritage without Borders), official partner of UNESCO, is a French cultural and humanitarian organization created in 1992 with the support of the Ministry of Culture.

For the past 23 years Patrimoine sans frontières has specialized in breaching contexts (such as post-crisis situations and social exclusion). On a day-to-day basis we seek to mobilize the notion of cultural heritage as a means to respond to the demands of local populations.

Our goal is to enhance and strengthen social bonds through culture, especially in breaching contexts that threaten them or impeach their development. We believe in the importance of culture as a vector of dialogue that facilitates the reconstruction of these bonds. Being an essential component of a population’s identity, cultural heritage has to be the core of the sustainable development of populations. This vision frames the mission of the association and emphasizes the importance of cultural and intergenerational transmission, knowledge transfer and exchange amongst different cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, Patrimoine sans frontières’ mission is to raise curiosity by broadcasting knowledge related to cultural heritage through its “cellule veille”, its publications and its conferences.

Our activities focus on four areas: strengthening social bonds, rehabilitation and appropriation of cultural heritage, recovery of cultural heritage, and finally, intercultural exchanges.

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    Being a part of Patrimoine sans frontières means sharing the common vision of an innovative approach to the world of cultural heritage. It also means contributing to social inclusion through cultural heritage projects. Heritage is much more than a print from the past: our vision, and our goal is to see that heritage, both tangible and intangible, can actively contribute to better social cohesion.

    Becoming a member is also a way to be part of the association’s activities and be invested its development by participating in the general assembly.

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